1. 1 Dancing Moon Books & Gifts
  2. 2 Holy Rose
  3. 3 Toad Song Farm
  4. 4 Truely Unique
  5. 5 A Sacred Soul
  6. 6 Altruistic LLC
  7. 7 Amaka Spiritual Waters & Oils
  8. 8 Any Witch Way
  9. 9 Art Lo Designs
  10. 10 Arwen & Phokis
  11. 11 Astrology Services
  12. 12 Bewitching Dreams
  13. 13 Blue Lotus Magickal
  14. 14 Carolina Spirit Quest, Inc.
  15. 15 Celestial Skies
  16. 16 Charming Bear Gifts
  17. 17 Cosmic Lemniscate
  18. 18 Curious Goods Curios
  19. 19 Designing Impressions
  20. 20 Diane's Creations
  21. 21 Dragons Incense
  22. 22 Dragonwynd Creations
  23. 23 Earth Traditions
  24. 24 Edenistic Tendencies
  25. 25 Fairy Hair Flare
  26. 26 Firestarter Arts
  27. 27 Fracture
  28. 28 Gail Edmundson
  29. 29 Goddesses Elemental Design
  30. 30 Gretel's Corner
  31. 31 HammerSol Jewelry
  32. 32 Intuitive Readings
  33. 33 JustaTad Leather
  34. 34 Kaleidescope
  35. 35 Maggie Moon Tarot
  36. 36 Maiden Mother Crone
  37. 37 Making Magick
  38. 38 Natural Choice Apothecary
  39. 39 Nox Fox & Pandamonium
  40. 40 O'Davis Trade
  41. 41 Obsidians Caldera
  42. 42 Pagan Haven's M.Y.S.T.
  43. 43 Paula's Baking Shop
  44. 44 Pauls Woodcreations
  45. 45 Rev Su Windsong Leone
  46. 46 Rivah Hippies
  47. 47 RockBelly
  48. 48 Samhain Faerie Creations
  49. 49 Sew Evil
  50. 50 Shasta's Treasures
  51. 51 Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
  52. 52 Sosanna's Closet
  53. 53 Starrlight Mead
  54. 54 Starry Realms
  55. 55 Suzanne.A.Vision Healing Arts
  56. 56 Swanfire Farm
  57. 57 Taylor's Jewelry
  58. 58 Thaumaturgy 777
  59. 59 Thorr's Hammer Site
  60. 60 Tree of Life Designs
  61. 61 Trinity Sisters Coven
  62. 62 Turquoise Temple
  63. 63 Twisted Dragon Kreations
  64. 64 Two Sister's Cauldron
  65. 65 War Bunny's War Chest & Plunder
  66. 66 Warsin Studios
  67. 67 Wayward Witches of the Twisted Roots
  68. 68 WendyMehndi Henna and Body Art
  69. 69 White Hart Creations
  70. 70 Witch Way Traders & Co
  71. 71 Witches Roost
  72. 72 WitchEver Designs
  73. 73 Yarn Twisters
We have an amazing diversity of vendors registered this year, selling products and services that range from jewelry, to henna, to reiki, to festive and ritual clothing. 

2014 Pagan Pride Raleigh Sponsor!
Dancing Moon Books & Gifts

Dancing Moon Books & Gifts has become one of the largest independent, New Age retailers in the Southeast. We carry a large selection of books and gifts, aromatherapy and candles, CDs, incense and crystals, jewelry and tarot decks, Pagan supplies, and herbs. We’re going on 25yrs! And we are delighted to be a part of Pagan Pride Raleigh 2014!

2014 Pagan Pride Raleigh Sponsor!
Holy Rose

The Holy Rose was created to benefit the entire community, regardless of one's spiritual belief or religious practice. We have Books, Metaphysical Item's, Magical Supplies and more.

2014 Pagan Pride Raleigh Sponsor!
Toad Song Farm

Special care is given to growing our edible plants naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. We specialize in herb plants, and have over 100 varieties of herbs available during any given season.  We also grow annual plants for the garden (both ornamental and edible), perennial plants, zonal geraniums, and hanging baskets.

2014 Pagan Pride Raleigh Sponsor!
Truely Unique

The Truely Unique Booth will be your All-Spiritual Stop. We are a General Pagan Store located in Wilson carrying what ever you need. Email us your list of herbs and we will deliver them to PPD just for you!

A Sacred Soul

Divinely gifted and compassionate psychic medium from North Carolina, T Arlivia comes from a strong lineage of Native American and African healers. Most popularly known on the other side as “a gate keeper”, she connects our world to the beautiful world of Holy Spirit. Her gifts include channeling ancient shaman ancestors, invoking the angelic realm, mediumship, and card readings.

Altruistic LLC

We make our own products utilizing Wood, Vinyl, Acrylic Paint, Glass and Mirrors. We encompass symbols as visual images to convey relationships, ideas and beliefs in consideration of its effects on the psyche. We have fun with pop culture and any other hobbies, passions or interests. We promote the uniqueness in each individual. We respect diversity. ...

Amaka Spiritual Waters & Oils

Handcrafted spiritual waters, colognes and oils for ritual and personal use. Our specialty is Florida Water, based on an 19th century recipe, traditionally used for cleansing, purification, protection, and blessing sacred items.

Any Witch Way

Any Witch Way in Concord, NC carries over 150 herbs (many organic!), fragrance oils, essential oils, tinctures, incense, candles, alter and ritual supplies, books, book of shadows, tarot cards, rune sets, pendulums, wax seals, writing quills, cauldrons, over 100 necklace designs, statuary and gift items, and much more! Visit our online store to see a selection of what we carry.

Art Lo Designs

Visit our booth at Pagan Pride Raleigh!

Arwen & Phokis

Come visit locals Phokis & Arwen DeLyon as they introduce themselves at this year's event. Phokis is a long standing member of the local spiritual community & Reiki Master. Arwen is an award winning fantasy / sci-fi artist from Cary. Together, they will bring you art, healing, & love with their gifts & services.

Astrology Services

Darrell will be presenting Astrological Astrocartograpy Maps that reveal cities and states that are favorable or unfavorable for all areas of life.

Bewitching Dreams

Elegant jewelry and whimsical sculptures, inspired by nature, fantasy and more. I specialize in designing natural stone and crystal jewelry, along with unique handmade sculptures and one of a kind creations.

Blue Lotus Magickal

An Atlanta Grove offering elegant grove-crafted ritual items and steam punk curios. Crafted from bone, leather, exotic wood, and steel to create: wands, athames, drinking horns, corsets, bolines, altars, ritual cake plates, pentacles, leather wand holders, scourges, broom corn besoms, incense burners, and ritual belt pouches. Our herbalist creates body butters, soaps, and facial toners. Stop by to try ...

Carolina Spirit Quest, Inc.

Carolina Spirit Quest is a diverse Pagan community of all types of individuals and families working together for a Pagan friendly world. We serve as a role model for all spiritual groups through networking and building community in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. We honor our elders, welcome our children, and celebrate diverse spiritual practices through sponsoring ...

Celestial Skies

Unique and handcrafted pendulums and jewelry made with genuine gemstones. Also offering aromatherapy headache remedy pillows and enchanted dream pillows!

Charming Bear Gifts

Charming Bear Gifts sells a variety of items including wind chimes, sterling silver jewelry, incense, leather embossed journals, crystals, etc. We look forward to seeing you.

Cosmic Lemniscate

A combination of old and new. We sell locally made items consigned or sold to us by the artists. We make many of the items we sell ourselves. Our philosophy embraces spirituality rather than religion. The only thing we sell that is mass produced is bumper stickers. From antique occult to newly created, we are a source of the unique.

Curious Goods Curios

Handmade Steampunk jewelry, leather accessories, Pagan and Southern hoodoo items and vintage curios.

Designing Impressions

Visit our booth at Pagan Pride Raleigh!

Diane's Creations

Original Hand crafted crocheted items, special orders accepted.

Dragons Incense

We are a new online store, in Hillsborough/Durham. Sharing a love of Earth with many kindred spirits, we built a site to share celebrations of light and life. We carry incense, apparel, artwork, burners, ceremonial items, cloth items, containers, crystals, divination tools, herbs, jewelry, oils, scrolls/books, sounds, and supplies. We are constantly adding products!

Dragonwynd Creations

I handcraft besoms. I have been making besoms for 5 years. This year I will new items on display, walking sticks. This will be my first year displaying them. I make each piece as if it were my own. My passion is making besoms, but the walking sticks were just as challenging to craft.

Earth Traditions

Your source for symbolic Celtic and celestial jewelry and gifts. Celebrate special moments with WWW.EARTHTRADITIONS.COM.

Edenistic Tendencies

Gemstone and Sterling jewelery, quartz crystals and other gemstones.

Fairy Hair Flare

Fairy hair strands are garment grade silken hair extensions tied to just one strand of hair. Choose from all the colors of the rainbow…and rainbow! You can brush it, curl it, straighten it, or color it. It lasts until that one strand of hair (it’s attached to) falls out. Go home with a very special and unique memory from ...

Firestarter Arts

Custom hand crafted glass works of art. Pendants, cake tops, wands, incense burners, altar pieces and free standing sculptures.


Rocks, crystals, fossils, and jewelry. Expanding into local art, collectibles, and other crafts.

Gail Edmundson

I specialize in creating wall mask from stoneware clay that are sculpted, carved, and textured. Each handcrafted face has its own unique expression. I take inspiration from nature and mythical and folklore creatures. My masks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Please visit my Etsy shop,

Goddesses Elemental Design

Hand Blown Glass (Witches Ball, Faerie Rings,Glass Circlets) Glass Lampwork Pieces. LIVE GLASS BLOWING and LAMPWORKING DEMO at RALEIGH PPD 2014. Stained Glass, Glass Sculpture, Glass Jewelry and Accessories Polymer Sculpted Designs, Polymer Jewelry and Accessories, Hand Spun Yarns and Hand Spun Fabrics, Scenty Wraps.

Gretel's Corner

Want some great boxer or pet gear? Why not help out Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue at the same time? When you purchase anything from Gretel's Corner at Pagan Pride Raleiigh this year 100% of the proceeds go to the rescue.

HammerSol Jewelry

HammerSol Jewelry is a husband and wife team of metalsmiths. We have over 20 years of combined experience working with precious metals. Our original Norse inspired jewelry is created through the techniques of lost wax casting, chasing and repousse, and cloisonne enameling.

Intuitive Readings

Messages are all around us; guiding us, assuring us, encouraging us! Diana has been involved with Metaphysics for over 40 years; an accomplished Astrologer (Western), Tarot Reader, Numerologist, and Mythologist, she weaves her experience of Life’s symbols to help guide others to understand themselves and their lives. In understanding ourselves, we can then understanding others and reinterpret Life's challenges.

JustaTad Leather

Visit our booth at Pagan Pride Raleigh!


Kaleidoscope Offers quality face painting, body painting and makeup artistry services in North Carolina.

Maggie Moon Tarot

Hello Shining Ones! I offer Tarot, Numerology, and Lenormand Readings. I am available for Reiki chair sessions working with the energy of crystals. I love to help connect people to their creative spirit and discover what's in their magical toolkit. Stop by to hear whispers of Inspiration, Creativity, and Luminosity. I look forward ...

Maiden Mother Crone

Lovingly created and magickally infused cloaks, robes, jewelry, art, and crafts. Blessed be.

Making Magick

A wide range of Pagan items, including t-shirts, books, flags and banners,signs, tapestries, leather goods, assorted household decorative items, many of which are handcrafted, and Waltlons All Natural Products. You never know what treasures you will find here.

Natural Choice Apothecary

We are a crunchy, vegan, hippie family that makes an assortment of natural & organic (whenever possible) bath & body products and a handful of handmade divination tools.

Nox Fox & Pandamonium

Nox Fox has been delighting PPD Attendees with the now infamous Cthulhu Cakes and cake pops. Back again this year you will find these tasty treats with some new things as well. Also, don't forget to check out the amazing steampunk jewelry designs. New this year Pandamonium has joined to provide high quality LED blinking toys, ...

O'Davis Trade

We will have items created using a variety of processes, including but not limited to: Blacksmithing, Welding, Carving, and Woodturning. Additional one-off items created by the rest of the O'Davis Clan will likely be present, as well as Doterra Essential Oils sold under Jennifer Davis of, by Carlena McDonald.

Obsidians Caldera

Artisan & retailer of Sculpted precious metal wire jewelry of pendants,earring, bracellets, rings of Sterling Silver, 14kt., Copper, Aluminum. Handcrafted draw-string bags. Also, crystalline and carved mineral gift items.

Pagan Haven's M.Y.S.T.

Pagan Haven is a social network of solitary witches in the Jacksonville area. The MYST helps fund events and field trips, and consists of gently used altar items, books, and art made by our members.

Paula's Baking Shop

Artisan Natural Handcrafted and Homemade Breads, Pastries and other delicious goodies!

Pauls Woodcreations

Unique Hand Turned & Crafted Creations

Rev Su Windsong Leone

Back by popular demand! Rev Su offers inexpensive I-Ching, Lot Casting, Pendulum, Rune and Tarot readings, as well as specially-discounted handfastings or legal weddings (you bring the license). Rev Su will also be available for baby blessings and spell writing assistance.

Rivah Hippies

Visit our booth at Pagan Pride Raleigh!


Raw crystals and minerals, handmade jewelry, Shipibo textiles and artwork.

Samhain Faerie Creations

I sell crocheted critters otherwise known as amigurumi. I focus on making fantasy and magical critters as well as various pagan pantheons. I love making custom orders for folks so bring me a challenge!

Sew Evil

Sew Evil is an emporium of custom-made alternative and edgy fashion apparel, dark eclectic art & gifts for the supernaturally unique (coffin trinket boxes, sock monkeys, Day of the Dead), alternative jewelry & accessories (unique handcrafted bone jewelry, horror & fantasy necklaces, skull earrings, gear & skeleton key earrings, and evening handbags).

Shasta's Treasures

Beaded jewelry and handmade incense.

Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions

We carry a wide array of items to equip your less-traveled paths. Books, Bumper Stickers, T-shirts, statuary, drums, singing bowls, silk wrap skirts, ritual-wear and spiritual supplies!

Sosanna's Closet

Sosanna’s Closet offers a full line of custom cloaks, robes, and hats for the well to do Witch that can be perfectly “accented” by our one of a kind copper and wire wrapped jewelry. We also offer one of a kind wheel thrown pots as well as custom hand build statues for the magical and the mundane.

Starrlight Mead

Starrlight Mead is a winery specializing in Mead (honey wine). Located in the heart of NC, in Pittsboro, it is a wonderful place to visit or hang out with friends and sample some mead. We will be bringing t-shirts, dragons, and other fun items. We will also take orders for mead to be shipped directly to you. Visit ...

Starry Realms

Handmade Unique, high quality cloaks, capes, Ouija boards & tarot/altar cloths!

Suzanne.A.Vision Healing Arts

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I make personal care products, such as bath salts, hand lotions, foot lotions, all natural insect repellant and synergy blends from essential oils and other natural ingredients, As a Reiki Master/Sensei I will be offering Reiki Sessions & Chakra Balancing along with a wide selection of my products.

Swanfire Farm

We are a small family farm in Hillsborough that strives to farm in a way that is healthy for our land, our family, our animals, and our community. We make luxurious all-natural goat milk soaps and shampoos, enameled glass art, gourmet jams and jellies, and more. To learn more about us, please visit our website.

Taylor's Jewelry

Sterling silver pentacles, rings, charms, chains, handmade stone charms, pewter metaphysical charms and bracelets, dragon jewelry, stainless steel jewelry as well. All high quality - even offering nickel-free silver as well. Egyptian charms and newly offered statues. Baphomet statues! Egyptian statues and Celtic pendants as well.

Thaumaturgy 777

Thaumaturgy 777 is a distinctive “Full Service & Supply Occult Shop”. We offer readings (Tarot, Astrology & Geomancy), Organic Herbs, Magickal Oils, Ritual Candles, Bath Mixes, Teas, Incense, Books, Jewelry & much more! We also offer magickal services (spell work) on a case by case basis. Our shop is at 2618 Hillsborough Rd in Durham, NC.

Thorr's Hammer Site

All handmade goods including Thor's hammers, Norse and Rune jewelry, Baltic amber, jet, and other gemstone jewelry, wooden boxes, runesets and drinking horns.

Tree of Life Designs

Handcrafted flutes from wood and bamboo, hand carved walking sticks, wood spirits, rhythm shakers and rattles, hand turned pendulums, magic wands and more. We also carry a full line of incense, hand blended smudges, sage wands, resins and burning accessories.

Trinity Sisters Coven

We are devoted to exploring spiritual growth both individually and as a group. We are a substance free coven, and believe that spiritual principles can overcome any trial life may send us. We are going to be making items we use personally and for rituals is amounts so we can share them with our pagan community, a ...

Turquoise Temple

Irresistible Crystals & Tantalizing Treasures...Turquoise Temple offers Exceptional Crystals, Pocket Stones, Hearts, Balls, & Wands- perfect for working with the Earth Element. We can’t wait to see old friends & meet new faces this year!

Twisted Dragon Kreations

Twisted Dragon Kreations is a wellspring of crafty goodness, full of elegant home décor with a witchy theme, various handcrafted witchcraft related tools and accessories. We also offer a huge variety of vinyl decals perfect for cars, windows or even ones that are safe for the paint inside your homes! There is something for everyone! We also can make ...

Two Sister's Cauldron

We make a variety of Pagan crafts, from wands, woodcrafts, candles, altar supplies and spells! There is a little bit of everything in our shop and with the exception of stones, they are handmade by us. We also do custom work so let us know what you're looking for!

War Bunny's War Chest & Plunder

At our booth you will find a number various items, With our main attraction being Replica Marshal weapons and blades, focusing on knifes/daggers and replica swords, for use in ritual or costuming ((all steel Sold to those 21 over ONLY)). and as for the plunder part of our name you will find handmade fine leather goods Bags and the ...

Warsin Studios

We are makers of fine hand crafted garden ornaments of the unusual kind. I sculpt original pieces mould them and then my wife casts them. We stain them with an eco cement stain custom mixed, finish them with cement sealer to protect the statue and create slight sheen. I created works for Design Toscano and the Biltmore ...

Wayward Witches of the Twisted Roots

The Wayward Witches are a close knit wiccan/pagan family based out of Hubert NC. The Wayward Witches booth will sell pagan/wiccan jewelry, used books, and metaphysical supplies. Many items are hand made by members.

WendyMehndi Henna and Body Art

Experience the magic of Henna Body Art ~ WendyMehndi is a gifted artist who creates beautiful body art before your eyes! Artful natural Henna Tattoos (temporary body art), Glitter Tattoos, and Sacred Face-painting. Come be adorned!

White Hart Creations

Fantasy creatures have been spotted! Come visit White Hart Creations for a variety of magical creatures. We specialize in fantasy critters, so expect to see lots of unicorns, dragons, loch ness monsters, and more! Home of the Fairy Circle wine glasses, Altar Guardians, and dice dragons. We also offer custom orders you can pick up the following day.

Witch Way Traders & Co

Your one-stop shop for all things witchy with a few oddballs thrown in.

Witches Roost

The Witches Roost is your one stop witch shop. We will be bringing to the festival lots of homemade items, including cloaks, candles, home décor, and ritual items, as well as some things from our website. We will also have tarot readings, and legal hand fasting/wedding ceremonys.

WitchEver Designs

Handmade magickal arts and crafts including rune sets, jewelry, pagan rosaries, wish boxes, spirit dolls, and more! An eclectic blending of hoodoo and Celtic/Roman influenced magick!

Yarn Twisters

We are two women addicted to our craft. We knit and crochet nerdy things and fun gift ideas. We love making handmade gifts, and now we wish to share our love with YOU! Our product selection includes specialty dice bags in varying sizes, wine gift bags, scarves, and plush toys. We also take commissions if you would like something special!