Kids' Activities

As is always our goal with the Kids' Activities, we will provide some special activities just for children, keeping them engaged on specific events for a little while.  Leaving parents with free time that may use to attend a workshop or just take a moment to yourself. HaaZah!

IMPORTANT: Kids can only be left for up to a two hour period at a time and only by a parent who agrees to the General 10 Points. You must not leave the festival grounds at any time while they are in our care. This is not a day care service.

Please note the following information, if you plan on us hosting a child at CNCPPD Kids' Activities Event 2013. 

Important Points

  1. All parents sign in on a sign up sheet; this is also a contract to these points.
  2. There will be a lot of interaction with the kids and community this year. We will not to be inside - even if it rains!
  3. Children may stay up to two hours at one time period.
  4. Any child may come back repeatedly, but the parent must have them out for an hour in between periods in order to feed them, hang out with them, what not,  and then the child returns for two hours. 
  5. Parents will be required to leave correct contact information with us when they leave a child.
  6. We are fine with repeated visits from children,  not fine with parents unwillingness to be involved. 
  7. We will ask all parents to volunteer 15 or 20 minutes 'anytime' within the day that their child is in with this PPD event.
  8. Agreement from parents, to all these points, will be a requirement in order to drop a child off.
  9. If for any reason this list of important points is not respected, or for some reason unacceptable by the parent, then a child may not return to the Kids' Activities area.

Would you like to help out with kids' activities this year?