We have lots of great entertainment this year, both on the main stage and around the festival. Listen to live music, watch belly dancing, hooping and medieval arms, demonstrations and even participate in an interactive drum circle. We are very excited about the huge variety of acts and performances planned for the event.

So read highlights about some of the performances below, then make sure to check the schedule so you don't miss your favorites!

Ed "Greybeard" and Dawn
Greybeard and Dawn

Greybeard and Dawn will be performing first thing on Saturday and Sunday morning, opening the festival with the warm tones of the Native American Flute.  A craftsman and hobbyist, Ed lives in central North Carolina with his beautiful soul friend, Dawn. Together, they can be found frequenting local flute circles, music festivals hither and yon, and generally making happy mischief!

Be sure to visit him at Tree of Life Designs booth, where they will have not just handcrafted flutes from wood and bamboo, but also hand carved walking sticks, wood spirits, rhythm shakers and rattles, hand turned pendulums, magic wands and more. 

Dancing with Lirima

Lirima is a belly dancer of ten years with training in American Tribal Style, ITS, and Classical Egyptian belly dance. She is a contributing member of Qarisma Dance, a traditional troupe out of Fayetteville, NC, and currently teaches belly dance in Richmond County, NC at Deb's Place. This is her second year performing at Pagan Pride Raleigh. 

She will also be leading Belly Dance Workshops on both Saturday and Sunday morning.  


Last Trip Home
Last Trip Home

Amazing Irish Music

From the Heart of North Carolina

With Traditional Uilleann Pipes

Last Trip Home
Founded in 2011,
Last Trip Home is the continuation of the musical direction that was Raleigh’s Ghosts of Erin distilled down to Dr. Eric Hahn on Uilleann Pipes and Irish Flute and Don Lively on Guitar and Mandolin. Both sing vocals and between them have over 40 years of performance experience. They are excited to breathe new life into traditional Irish music and incorporate contemporary themes and styles into that genre.

Pisces Rising
Pisces Rising

A Raleigh based, lyrically driven duo with a knack for music and magic. Pisces Rising is the result of a cosmic pairing of two Raleigh based troubadours, Arielle Bryant and Austin Moss. Both Moss and Bryant turn to poetry to fuel their songwriting and thus hope to pioneer the genre of “lit-folk”. Their sound is a remarkable blend of strong, rhythmic acoustic noise, coupled with harmonies that will haunt your head space for days.
Pisces Rising EP
Pisces Rising manages to break the image of the typical “ duo acoustic act” through the depth and sincerity of their songwriting styles. 

After their first release “ Pisces Rising: EP” in March of 2013, Pisces Rising has forged a name for themselves, touring across the state of North Carolina and are currently in the process of recording their first, full-length release – a concept album based on the Greek myth of Persephone.

Tsa ne Do'se

The mesmerizing music of Tsa'ne Do'se can be heard at many Indian festivals and various other events as he travels with his mystic flutes in the tradition of the ancient Kokopelli. The haunting, ethereal sounds of the American Indian Red Cedar Flute dates back in time before the coming of Europeans to America.

Spirit and Soul
Renew your Spirit and Soul.  Tsa'ne Do'se's recent offerings will release your Soul from earthly bonds and allow your Spirit the freedom to explore ethereal space and all were composed by Tsa'ne Do'se.


Hooping is Happening

Amanda Hughes is leading interactive hooping and flow meditation for all skill levels. A limited number of hoops will be available for anyone to use, but you are also welcome to bring your own.  We will start out by going over a number of hooping techniques followed by a loosely guided flow session. It will be similar to a movement meditation and you are encouraged to participate with or without any props (hoops, poi, staff, etc.) that you enjoy.  

Amanda Hughes is a hoop dancer with 6 years experience in multiple flow art skills, including contact staff, juggling, poi and rope dart. She enjoys teaching and practicing with people of all ages and skill levels and has taught flow arts at numerous events, including a previous Pagan Pride Raleigh festival.

One Tribe

One Tribe

Michele Casey
One Tribe…One Heartbeat…One Sound

One Tribe is a gathering of sounds and rhythms, energy and togetherness.  Started off as a side project from local Raleigh gatherings, One Tribe has now taken shape into a journey of musical exploration. Creating not only traditional rhythms, but extending out into multi-cultural landscapes. Multiple people, multiple personalities, multiple instruments…One Purpose…Unity.

On stage at Pagan Pride Raleigh from 3p-5p on Sunday, September 21st, OneTribe will provide a dynamic drumming performance; this year with a hand-pan featured performance by Michele Casey.  After the main performance, they will lead a guided drum circle, with plenty of extra drums for the brave to join in! So bring your own drum, or just bring your rhythm, but definitely come join the sound of OneTribe in the kind of special Unity that only comes with a drum beat.

European Medieval Arts and Arms
European Medieval Arts and Arms (EMAA)

"This Means War!"

For everyone who enjoys the history of the sword. For everyone who enjoys the Martial Arts. For everyone who loves the sound of steel on steel. Those brave knights are back again, to risk 
life and limb for honor and glory.  
Come and enjoy. Come and learn. Come and cheer on the fighters as they pay homage to and show their admiration for the warriors of ancient days who fought with courage, skill, and a good piece of steel. 

You'll find them just inside the  entrance. Follow the sound of steel on steel.

European Medieval Arts of Arms
is an academy that teaches many weapons from history, to the present, and even into the future. As an academy we started teaching the weapons based in historical Europe, like the different Broadsword, Dagger, and Long Range Weapons, by using the documented plates of ancient Fight Masters. In following the progression of time, we started teaching Recreational Fencing, a program that teaches the basics of many different forms of fencing such as Epee, Foil, and Saber.